Murray filming from a Merlin helicopter - Adriatic.  Client: NATO

The Louvre - Paris.  Client: Passport TV.

Murray Mackinnon Buesst

34 frames per second was set up in 2008 by film-maker Murray Mackinnon Buesst to capitalize on his marketing and corporate communications background.

As head of programme publicity at ITV broadcaster Carlton Television, Murray amassed a wide portfolio of high-profile consumer marketing campaigns, as well as handling social responsibility, crisis management, and corporate affairs strategies for this FTSE-100 plc.

In 2002, Murray graduated from the New York Film Academy, where he studied directing under Paul Warner (Fall Time), and cinematography under Sol Negrin (Robocop, Coming To America), Ken Kelsh (Driller Killer, Bad Lieutenant), and Philippe Rousellot (Diva, A River Runs Through It, Sherlock Holmes).

His 16mm graduation short Last Night was showcased at Robert de Niro’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Murray is the author of several feature film screenplays and a stage play, and was director of photography and editor on the micro-budget comedy feature The Bubonic Play, created by theatre group Piggy Nero and director Cal McCrystal (One Man, Two Guv’nors, The Amazing Spider-Man 2).

Observational documentary approach

At 34 we have particular expertise in observational documentary-style film-making.

This approach, familiar from high-end television and cinema documentaries, avoids overly rehearsed or artificial action and scripted interviews in favour of a natural, authentic and impartial feel that rings instantly true with viewers.

Although it requires greater time and skill in editing than other forms, it is an exceptionally effective way to engage audiences and communicate sophisticated messages about the client’s identity, values and culture.

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