Gentoo penguins - Antarctic Peninsular.  Client: Oceanwide Expeditions

Strategic video content that’s a cut above

34 frames per second produces high-quality strategic video content that complements and enhances our clients’ brands in every frame.

Cinema-quality moving images are now within reach of every budget.  But creating films that engage and resonate with audiences demands more than state-of-the-art cameras or cutting-edge post production technology.

As an accomplished feature film cinematographer and editor, I am hands-on at every step of the production process - from initial brief to final upload.

And with my strong marketing pedigree, I ensure that every film we produce not only delivers its key messages but also embodies and promotes the client’s culture, values, and core identity.

The result is strategic video content that’s a cut above.

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Murray Mackinnon Buesst

Cinematographer & Editor

Panavision Millennium camera.  Operator: Murray Mackinnon Buesst.

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latest news:


34 invests in cinema camera package

34 has added a Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro camera to our equipment offering.


Colour grading in DaVinci Resolve

34 has invested in DaVinci Resolve software to offer advanced colour grading and finishing on our projects.

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